The Bible

Bible Icon The Bible is literally, the Book. It is the standard by which all other authoritative historical documents are measured. It is more published and more translated from its original manuscripts than any other writing ever. It was written over a period of 1600 years by 40 people from all walks of life: kings, prophets, priests, and the apostles of Christ Jesus. The Bible has shaped the culture and society of Israel since Moses' time and since its completion prior to 70 A.D., has had an extensive influence on every society.

Well-informed people are diligent to read and understand the Bible, freely available as a translation of the majority text, such as Young's Literal Translation, or a King James translation, for English.

Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholicism Icon Roman Catholic Church-ianity ignores basic teachings of the Bible and is therefore not a Christian institution:


Islam Icon According to Islam, the one God is Allah, and Mohammed was his prophet. But not even Mohammed was confident that all his sins were forgiven, as is recorded in the most reliable of hadiths. To this day, Muslims, add "Peace be upon him" after every mention his name because of this uncertainty.
One of the challenges of Islam is that if anyone could make a book comparable to the Qu'ran, then it too would be considered as divine. However the Qu'ran was revealed to only one man. Its origin is not supported by multiple witnesses as other reliable documents are. There's this other guy, Joseph Smith, who made a comparable book...
One of the core teachings of Islam is that God cannot take human form. This eliminates any possiblity of a divine sacrifice atoning for human sin. According to the Quran, Allah is all-merciful, but he is also distant and not in a position to redeem a sinful humanity.

Pride Movement

Transgender icon The pride movement is tremendously anti-God and anti-Bible. It has great selling power, as does anything that appeals to human pride. It mis-appropriates symbols and words with rich history and meaning, undermining the foundation of society. It says that everyone has the authority to define their own truth, when the reality is that only God has the authority to do so. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but everyone is responsible to do their own research into history to make sound conclusions. Historically, every nation that has denied God, has fallen. The God mentioned in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is the same one alluded to in our national anthem, the one who is supreme, the one who enables the proper ordering of society. The pride movement will be self-defeating because it brings deep disorder and confusion.


Evolution icon Taught as fact in schools, Evolution with a capital E is the idea that all life gradually developed from a single cell over millions of years to all the forms of life we see today. This idea is not supported by the fossil record, or by experimention or observation. It has no predictive or engineering value. Its only use is to convince people that there is no Creator-God. It is not a new idea and did not originate with Darwin.

There is too much irreducibly complex information designed into lifeforms for Evolution to be a logical conclusion. The term "evolution" is often mistakenly interchanged with "natural selection". Selection of organisms, natural or guided by humans, is observable and useful. It is understood through the research of scientists like Gregor Mendel.


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